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Major Project


Editorial Design

The Challenge

People are not usually aware of the conceptual system and the majority of the little things we do every day in our language. We do these things automatically without consciously making decisions. Inform and entertain the reader to celebrate the unknown features of the English Language.


Dead metaphor: metaphors used so frequently in our everyday speech, that we often forget they are metaphors. We then start to hear them as literal language. These metaphorical phrases blend into our spoken language.

Live metaphor: metaphors commonly located in literature, fiction and constructed texts. They are metaphors that we notice clearly in our language.


A pack containing a book and four concertina booklets using the behaviours of light to represent the characteristics of the metaphor as they shift from live to dead. Metaphors reflect, copying the characteristics of another concept and refract, gradually shifting in meaning as they become engrained within our language.

Removal of type path

Refracted text

Holes punched into book

Concertina poster

Shadow created on poster