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    Film making

    Anti Bullying Campaign

    The Challenge

    Being a victim of bullying increases the risk of being depressed later in life by more than half. In addition, bullying others increases the risk of becoming depressed by 30%.

    The lasting effects of bullying can be deeply damaging to the mental health of a victim of bullying. Nasty words and actions can change the way that an individual sees themselves, affecting their self-confidence throughout their life.

    Society is changing and more needs to be done to combat these changes and new requirements. More help needs to be provided on how to deal with this new type of bullying.

    Cyber bullying.


    This short film forms the basis for an anti-bullying campaign for ChildLine, with the aim to encourage young people to consider the lasting mark that they can leave on others from the power of their words and actions. This story is told through visualising ink and mark making as the permanent damage.


    Poem written by Shane Koyczan

    Voice actor: Danny Annear