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The Challenge

Design or redesign a consumer toy and its product packaging to eliminate waste, using circular design principles.

A new two-year study by the government has discovered that more than 10 percent of children haven’t spent time in any natural setting for at least one year. (Martinko, 2016)

Children’s roaming ability has been significantly reduced since the beginning of the 20th century. Roaming distance has decreased from 6 miles in 1919 to 300 yards in the present day meaning more children are limited to play in the safety of their living rooms.


“Rewild” is a toy aimed at children aged 4-6 which encourages interaction with the outdoor environment and living things within nature. Returnable stamping tokens are used as a way to teach children about circular design systems and reuse as a concept to take forward and become aware of as a way to be better for their environment.

Children receive the nature challenges as bioplastic stamp tokens in thin packaging which is delivered to their door through the letterbox. Each pack contains the tokens, a description of the challenge. The first pack provides a stamp board and the ink to continue through the levels. When the child has completed all the challenges they return the tokens to the company through the Royal Mail which will be reused by the next child. This return process allows the child to receive the next set of challenge tokens.

Outside packaging

Outside Packaging

Inside packaging

Token Designs


Record board

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Martinko, K. (2016). Kids don’t spend enough time in nature, study shows : TreeHugger [online]. Available from: outdoors-and-s-problem.html